Encouraging a Love of Reading in Your Child

After a long day of school, the last thing most kids want to think about is doing more work. And that’s exactly what some of them view reading as — work. It is not something that they readily do on their own or when they have free time. Fostering a love of reading in your child can instill in them a life-long hobby that expands their mind and opens new doors. But what can you do to inspire a reluctant reader and make it a fun activity?

Let Them Choose the Book

When you’re trying to get your child to read for pleasure, don’t worry about what reading level the book is, or whether it is educational. Let them pick something they will enjoy and want to read — comics and graphic novels are okay! Once they find that reading is enjoyable and not such a chore, they’ll be more willing to expand their selection. Getting them their own library card can also be a way to give them some independence and responsibility when it comes to books.

Read Something Together

Choose a story that you can read together, and set aside some one-on-one time just for them. You can take turns reading paragraphs, pages, chapters, or characters. This can be great for when they want to read a book that may be a bit challenging to conquer on their own, but that they’re interested in.

You could also encourage them to read the same book as a friend so they have something fun to discuss. In times of social distancing, this can be a way to help them stay connected. They could even start their own book club and host virtual meetings.

Start a Series

One way to keep your child reading is to get them hooked on a series. This gives them a reason to want to keep going and see what happens next. Once they catch up, each time a new book comes out, they’ll be excited to read it. Plus, you can also encourage them to write their own version of what they think will happen next.

Ask for Recommendations

If you’re stuck and have no idea what your reluctant reader may like, ask around. Their teacher, a local librarian, their friends’ parents, or your friends can all be excellent resources. Find out what other kids their age who have similar interests like. Check a few books out of the library to see if anything piques their interest before deciding to buy.

Switch Things Up

Give your kids options when it comes to reading. Let them listen to an audio book while in the car or waiting at the doctor’s office. Allow for some screen time in the evening to read an e-book. Also make sure they have access to print books too. Different kids prefer different mediums, or may like to switch things up depending on where they are or what they’re reading.

Expand on What They’re Reading

If your child is really into a certain book, find ways to keep them engaged by going to a museum (in person or virtually) to learn more about the time period, people, or events involved. Take a day trip to do some of the activities the characters did. Have your child draw their own pictures of what they imagined characters to look like, or build a 3D model of a place from the book. There are so many options to apply what they’ve read.

Help your child develop a love of reading and of learning by setting a positive example yourself. Schedule time in your day to read too and let them see how you pick books or find answers to questions you have about what you read.

If reading comprehension, literary analysis, research writing, or other language arts tasks are challenging for your child, sign them up for personalized help from Crafting Scholars. We’ll work with your child to identify their unique needs and create an individualized learning plan that allows them to be more successful. Contact us today to learn more!




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